Shadow Foundr

“We are a new company and new to Salesforce, and after 2 months of stumbling around we decided we needed some expert help. We spoke to a few Salesforce consultants, but ‘Connecting Business’ stood out instantly as they were the only ones to ask how our business worked rather than instantly trying to rail road us into one of their ‘development packages’ before even asking what we wanted.

They came in for a full day to see what we did and how we did it, then made suggestions and recommendations on how this could work in Salesforce. I was very impressed. They gave us options rather than making us choose one way or no way and produced a development map that seemed to cover everything.

Working with them during the development was easy. I was kept informed of what was happening and demoed features and functions so I could see how it worked and if I was comfortable with it. If there were questions from me or them I didn’t feel rushed and felt the outcome was the best solution.

We now have the finished product and it is great to use, and I have to say it is all thanks to ‘Connecting Business’. I also want to add that they included little actions and functions that I had never even thought of or considered at this stage that make our system something that is now easy to work with and does what we want.”

Richard Startup
Shadow Foundr