Latin American Foundation for the Future (LAFF)

“Latin American Foundation for the Future (LAFF) is a UK registered charity supporting marginalised and at-risk young people in Peru. Our aim is to enable them to access education and develop the skills they need to overcome personal and structural barriers, thereby building an independent future for themselves. We do this through close partnerships with local organisations in Peru. We fund the educational costs of the young people in our partner organisations’ care and deliver workshops in personal development, career guidance and employability. We also support our partner organisations to develop their own social enterprises and build the capacity of their staff in a range of non-profit management skills.

As a growing organisation, we are gathering and generating increasing amounts of data and need to make sure this is held and processed securely and efficiently, particularly on the fundraising side, where we need to have at our fingertips who gave donations and when, and be able to analyse this information. We also want to manage our volunteer data and processes in a more efficient way and bring all our information and documents together. As well as these more ‘behind-the-scenes’ functions of our organisation, we also think we can record some of our on-the-ground work within our CRM and enable us to track it better. For example, recording all the workshops we carry out and the key data about them and easily generate reports for our partners and supporters.

We are still in the early stages and are very much looking forward to seeing the full impact CRM can have for us.  Once fully completed, I envisage this saving us time by having all our information at the click of a few buttons. It will also allow us to analyse our information, see trends and enable better planning and decision making. It will also automate some of our tasks, helping us be more efficient and spend more time delivering our programmes with our partners.

‘Connecting Business’ have been very easy to work with and available at all times of day to answer questions! We started with a lot of options and questions about which CRM to go for, and they helped us narrow this down and select one that was right for us. I have some experience with CRMs, but have not been through this process before, and so their help put structure into what could seem like quite an unwieldy task.  They have been a reassuring steady-hand and very generous with their time to help us through this project.

‘Connecting Business’ are great to work with, not pushy about which approach to take and invest the time to understand what you need.”

Sarah Warry

Trustee, Latin American Foundation for the Future (LAFF)