Who should be involved in Customer Relationship Management “CRM“. Sales? Marketing? Finance? Delivery? Support? Research? The best answer we find is….. ALL OF THEM!

It’s a common misconception that CRM is a technology in isolation and only designed for Sales. We completely disagree with this notion, however, would agree that it is commonly configured to only support the Sales process. We believe CRM can not only support all business units, but can enhance them through the centralisation and sharing of data and it is best used to advantage all.

When considering your CRM strategy, encompassing people, process and technology, it is strongly advisable to bring all parties to the table and work collaboratively on the ‘now’ and the ‘future’. Typically, we find inefficiencies happening across the individual business units and a lack of holistic insight that results in either dissatisfied or lost clients.

Fundamentally, customers are becoming more demanding in the way they are interacted with. The expectation is that we must have all their information to hand, purchases, emails, support tickets, etc. How often have you called a provider and heard ‘I’m sorry, I don’t see that on my system’, or ‘I don’t have access to that data’. It’s very frustrating!

From an internal perspective, Business Analytics is always a challenge. It’s a challenge because data is usually stored in multiple places such as Outlook, Excel or non-integrated 3rd party platforms. Management struggle to get the holistic view across the business allowing them to make strategic decisions.

Usually, this involves a ‘down the line’ report request i.e. From the top down, each manager requests the data they need from their direct reports in order to collate the information at the top. This results in productivity loss while they are pulled away from their daily role. It is highly likely that these issues can be addressed by bringing all business units together in one platform, or at the very least, connecting your platforms.
At Connecting Business, this is what we do, it’s at our core, it’s what we are passionate about. Bringing your business together, improving productivity, supporting revenue growth and profitability, ultimately, maximising ROI and CRM success!

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