Connecting Business Limited (‘CB’) and Sweet Potato Tec Limited (‘SPT’), are delighted to announce the establishment of a joint venture to further expand their long-standing working relationship


The aim of strengthening their combined resources is to deliver scalable CRM and associated technologies, to further support profitable revenue growth for clients and partners.


So what’s in it for me/us/you?  Great question!


  • Joined up thinking – Rather than each of our companies doing what’s best for ourselves, we are committed to working together to drive efficiency.  In short, better services to clients
  • Cost efficiency – Meaning we are keeping a careful eye on costs so the prices to our clients are as competitive as possible.
  • In it for the long haul – Our combined aim is to grow the company in a sustainable way such that clients can take confidence that we are not in it just to make a quick buck.


“The joint venture will leverage the outstanding Salesforce strategic advisory, process consulting and technical capabilities of ‘SPT’ and the considerable sales, operations and marketing expertise of ‘CB’.  We are very excited about this venture “, said Swami Bala of ‘SPT’.


‘SPT’ have a solid team of resources that cover the full suite of capabilities as well as the ability to integrate all and any necessary third-party applications whether native and or via API.

“Together, we offer clients and partners a business focussed approach that understands end to end business processes, sales and pipeline modelling, how to leverage big data and deploy targeted marketing campaigns”, said Lee Nightingale of ‘CB’.


We have the experience to explain the ‘what’s in it for me’ to all departments, ensuring the Strategy, People and Technology are all aligned – to enable optimal success.

Our aim is to work with scale-up organisations pushing fast growth and to sure up their existing position by streamlining processes across the organisation.


To learn more about the two companies, please visit: and


For further information on either company or to speak to us about this joint venture, please call 0844 2720071 or email or