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Welcome to our new podcast/videocast series where I’ll be talking to friends, colleagues, clients and partners about their experiences over the last 8 months, how their business has been affected and the changes they were forced to make in order to survive and plan for the future.

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Episode 7 –
Lee Nightingale & Stuart Hudson

Taking financial control

When it comes to investing our money, no matter how much or how little, the risks are the same, we invest what we can afford. Putting it in the right place can be a daunting thought. I sit down with Stuart Hudson, Chartered Financial Planner, co-founder in AAG Wealth Management, friend and golfing buddy.

DISCLAIMER – This episode is NOT financial advice and as such you should not base your investments on what you hear. It’s two people, two business owners chatting about business and life in general.
Stuarts business had to keep going through lockdown as people were rightly concerned about their investments and needed to know that their money was still being managed and not part-time. They help individuals, families and businesses.
He shares his challenge in managing a 30 person team via conference call, managing the working day along with home-schooling 2 children. And also what does the office environment look like post covid?

Stuart’s Books:

  • Shantaram by Frederic Roberts
    The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni

Lee’s Book:

  • The Future Of Capitalism By Paul Collier

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Episode 6 –
Lee Nightingale & Rinku Banger

Starting a business during lockdown

When Rinku Banger decided to start his new business in February 2020, little did he know what was about to ensue just 4 weeks later.

Taking the plunge and starting your own business is a huge undertaking, risky, scary and takes a huge amount of motivation. To be in the embryonic stages when the country went into lockdown must have really put the pressure on.
In this next episode of Business Source, Rinku shares his inspirational story, how he had to adapt, quickly, and talks about the challenges of hiring for his new business during lockdown.
We share some common tips on how to keep yourself motivated whilst working from home, taking away the distractions and how to stay sharp.

As usual, we both share some interesting books that have helped us along the way.
Rinku’s Book

  • The Leaders Guide to Negotiation by Simon Horton

Lee’s Book

  • Feel the fear and do it anyway by Susan Jeffers

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Episode 5 –
Lee Nightingale & Aaron Browning

Business Challenges

A topic I am all too familiar with, SaaS. I've been involved in the SaaS industry since 2006 having worked for a global Internet, Email and Data Security vendor. I wanted to chat with someone in the same space to understand how their business has been impacted over the past 6 months.

I'm thankful to Aaron Browning of FrontSpin, a BDR Outreach Platform, for joining me in this episode. For some, this past 6 months hasn't affected their businesses too badly, and FrontSpin, I'm pleased to say, is one of them. Aaron shares the growing pain they encountered as well as how they had to change their approach to sales.

As usual, we both share some interesting books to read.

Aaron’s Books:

  • TBA

Lee’s Book:

  • Predictable Revenue by Aaron Ross & Marylou Tyler

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Episode 4 –
Lee Nightingale & Niraj Kapur

Everybody Works In Sales

In our next episode of Business Source, I'm delighted to be joined by double award winning Amazon Best Selling Author, Expert Sales Trainer and Keynote Speaker, Niraj Kapur.

As someone who's business is 95% face-to-face, Niraj shares the impact to his business and how even he as a coach, needs coaching in order to stay ahead of the game.
We talk omni-Channel, personal development, mindset... and... we both share about detoxing your life, a fascinating concept!
Pick up some fantastic tips that we can all use in our daily lives to keep motivated, on track and sharp, with some fabulous book recommendations from both Niraj and myself (book listing below).

  • Million Pound LinkedIn Message by Daniel Disney
  • Converted by Matt Sykes
  • Mind for Sales by Mark Hunter
  • Selling Boldly by Alex Goldfayn
  • Detox Your Life by Jane Scrivner
  • What You See Is What You Get by Alan Sugar

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Episode 3 –
Lee Nightingale & John Hayes


In Episode 3, I chat with John Hayes, a close friend and supplier to Connecting Business, about digital marketing solutions, innovative ideas to remain fresh and above all, communicating with your clients.

All too often I've seen businesses that are only interested in talking to new prospects and they lose sight of the people / businesses that are already spending money with them.

I also share the things we've tried and the different methods, from email, to video to LinkedIn campaigns.

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Episode 2 –
Lee Nightingale & Loren Jenkins


In the second of the series, I chat with Loren Jenkins, Business/Performance Coach and Yoga Instructor about the importance of looking after yourself both physically and mentally.

These past 6 months have surely taken its toll on us as humans, as husbands, wife's, partners, but also as employees, leaders and owners.

I share some insights into how I choose to keep healthy with physical exercise and books and Loren shares some valuable insights around yoga and breathing that could really make all the difference to your state of mind.

Above is a video version, below is the Podcast:

Episode 1 –
Lee Nightingale & Gavin Ingham

How to cope with the new ‘normal’

To set the scene:
I’ve known Gavin Ingham since 2004 when he became a sales coach to the team I worked within at Websense (now ForcePoint).  Many of his teachings and guidance really did stick with me throughout my sales career and into running my own business.

I sat down with him to hear how he’s coping with the new normal, how it has impacted his business and learn how to take responsibility in order to effect your own outcome.

Conviction, Clarity & Consistency are the three pillars to listen out for.

Similarly, I share how the things Gavin talks about relate to what I’m seeing with our clients and prospects, sharing what I hope are some valuable tips for getting yourself, your teams, your company, back on track for the best chance of success.

Strategy, People & Technology.

Without any of the three individually, it’s unlikely that you would succeed.

  • Having a strategy underpinned by technology, but with people that don’t understand the strategy or how to use the technology, is likely to result in failure.
  • Having a strategy and the people but with no technology or misalignment, means it’s unlikely you can scale.
  • Not having a strategy, well, failure is inevitable.

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