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Welcome to our new podcast/videocast series where I’ll be talking to friends, colleagues, clients and partners about their experiences over the last 18 months, how their business has been affected and the changes they were forced to make in order to survive and plan for the future.

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Eps 31 - Lee Nightingale & Edward Harwood

A Shoe String Budget

In true form of me wanting to chat with people from all walks of life, today I'm joined by a professional tennis coach that shares his experience out on the circuit and what life is like running a tennis coaching business.

Edward Harwood also happens to be my personal tennis coach!

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Episode 30 –
Lee Nightingale & Alexander Low

AI & The Truth About LinkedIn

Alexander is someone that I know and trust to give us the truth about social media marketing, in particular, LinkedIn.

Alexander shares his journey with us and the things he's learned along the way.

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Eps 29 - Lee Nightingale & Claudine Adeyemi

Business Source

Claudine is a wonderfully inspiring woman that chose to make the leap from lawyer to entrepreneur in order to address challenges relating to gender and racial equality in the business world.

She also shares her experience and fantastic insights relating to accelerator / incubator programs.

Dive in and listen NOW!

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Episode 28 –
Lee Nightingale & Alfie Best

I Will Make A Difference

Hold on to your hats, I've got one heck of a show for you this time, with one of the UK's leading entrepreneurs and business figures, Mr Alfie Best.

Most recently known for his very humble, sincere appearance on ITV's The Undercover Boss, which aired on the 5th August 2021. Alfie shares his no nonsense, respectful approach to how he does business, what's important to him and his passion, his work.
So grab your beverage of choice, sit back and learn from someone that built it, lost it and built back even stronger.

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Eps 27 - Lee Nightingale & Amy Siegfried

Last Night’s Game

As a global business owner, I'm always keen to chat with people in other countries. Often it can really bring a totally new perspective, new ways of thinking.

Amy Siegfried is one heck of an inspirational person that has drive, determination and passion. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing all about her amazing business,

Let's get started!

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Episode 26 –
Lee Nightingale & Kevin Dixon

Making CRM Engaging

If we always spoke with people who agreed with us, life would be... well...dull.

Kevin Dixon of Boxxstep is very opinionated when it comes to sales, the sales process and what buyers expect from us. We do share a lot of similar views, but we also have differing trains of thought on some areas. Dive IN and listen to us hammer it out.

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Eps 25 - Lee Nightingale & Tim Ash

Unleash Your Prial Brain

Sometimes, feeling out of your comfort zone can be a positive thing, and this is one of those times.

Tim is a VERY smart cookie, academically and professionally. I wasn't sure i'd be able to raise my game and hold down a conversation with him... alas, I was quickly put at ease by Tim... testament to his very warm and welcoming nature.

We talk about the brain, marketing and how the two things are connected. AI, machine learning... all part of his PHD in computer sciences.

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Episode 24 –
Lee Nightingale & Darren Lake

I've got a mountain to climb

Darren has a long history in the telecommunication industry, from starting out as an apprentice thrown in at the deep end, to now running a rapidly growing business of his own.
I sit down with him to hear about the journey, challenges, and the things he learned along the way that make him a fantastic leader.

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Eps 23 - Lee Nightingale & Rivers Corbett

(Cooking) Lessons Learned

Serial Entrepreneur, business expert and all round fantastic guy, Rivers Corbet joins me on this episode of Business Source... or should i say 'Sauce', to discuss his journey that has seen him pivot his chef business into an online platform during the pandemic.

Rivers oozes enthusiasm, experience and ideas, it was a genuine pleasure chatting with him. I'm confident you'll take away lots of great points.

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Episode 22 –
Lee Nightingale & Ian Davies

Work v Family Balance

Ian is a close friend of mine and has been an inspiration to me of late when it came to me taking time out for paternity leave.

He shares his career journey with the BBC and others and how he was lucky enough to be able to take an extended paternity break to care for his two children and share the parental responsibilities with his amazing wife Claire.
It's a long chat but well worth the listen / view.

PS. We recorded this one just before Christmas so please forgive the jumpers!

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Eps 21 - Lee Nightingale & Tim Hughes

Analogue People in a Digital World

This weeks conversation is truthful, constructive and forward-thinking. How do WE as humans in the Sales world need to adapt ourselves and our approach to the modern buying environment? (Like switching your TV from the old analogue signal to the digital feed).

Tim Hughes give his wonderful insights, thoughts and opinions as well as some valuable tips to take away.

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Episode 20 –
Lee Nightingale & Charles Smee

Rapid Global Scale Up

When our business is thriving and we begin to think about expanding into new countries/markets, we often fall foul to lots of local laws/regulations, we don't necessarily understand the hiring laws and quite frankly, we don't tend to have existing relationships in new territories.

This is where Charles Smee and his team can help expedite things.

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Eps 19 - Lee Nightingale & Roland Vanbuchin

VANX Digital

Roland Vanbuchin is an Entrepreneur, Author of the Dream Selling Business and CEO at VANX Digital. He lived in Russia, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands and Switzerland. Gaining experience in the go-to market strategies, digital selling actives and sales enablement in Fortune 100 companies like Dropbox Business, BMC Software and Oracle Corporation.

In 2020, Vanbuchin resigned from his post at the Corporation and transitioned from Intrapreneur to Entrepreneur. Joined by former SAP, Google and Citrix professionals Vanbuchin build VANX Digital which is headquartered in Zug, Switzerland with business ventures all around the globe.

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Episode 18 –
Lee Nightingale & Michael Haynes

Empowering SME Sales & Marketing

Michael's LISTEN, INNOVATE, GROW approach to Sales & marketing coaching really is standout and resonates with me a lot.
His 'buyer centric' philosophy really makes you think about your sales process and whether you are actually connected to your customer or just doing it how you 'want' it to be.

Michael is also a guest speaker and mentor, which he loves, but his passions are travel and athletics.
Did I mention he's a Canadian living in Sydney!

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Eps 17 - Lee Nightingale & Jon Simmonds

Pivoting To Survive

This year has been the weirdest, most bizarre business period of my lifetime. With that comes the need to review what you have, how you got there and just what the hell you're going to do in order to survive.

Jon Simmonds shares his journey in business and how he had to think quickly about how to pivot his Social Media Marketing business.

Even with a business geared towards modern marketing strategies, it doesn't mean your business is safe from disruption or complete decimation during a pandemic.

If you think your business is safe, think again. In fact, think some more... keep going, never stop thinking. As responsible business owners, we must never rest in our pursuit of keeping our business current, but also looking to diversify and strengthen our position.

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Episode 16 –
Lee Nightingale & Armand Roux

Financial Support For SMEs

Finance is never a sexy subject, nor is it one we are comfortable talking about, particularly when things aren't going well. Like they aren't for many businesses in 2020.

It's reassuring to know that there are options available to make like a little easier. Invoicing Factoring is one such option.
Armand Roux of GRENKE shares their approach in supporting SMEs with cashflow challenges.
We also discuss all things Dorking Rugby Club where Armand is Director of Rugby and a well-respected member of the community, helping over 600 children learn the game each year.

Armand’s Book

  • Legacy by James Kerr

TV Show

  • Worlds Greatest Race

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Eps 15 - Lee Nightingale & Benjamin D

The UK's Most Hated Sales Trainer

THAT is some title! Albeit it's made up! But it does make you wonder... why is he the UKs most hated sales trainer?

To put it bluntly, as Benjamin does, it's because he tells you the things you don't always want to hear. He makes you feel uncomfortable, makes you do things you don't want to be doing...but SHOULD be doing.
We are all guilty from time to time of being complacent. We forget to do the things that got us to where we are, we think we know it all and that someone wearing red braces and a red baseball cap could never teach us something new. WRONG
If you're struggling to sell and can't understand why, I highly recommend watching/listening to this one. But hold on to your hats... it's going to be a bumpy ride.

Benjamin’s Books

  • Advice – Buy ONE sales book, read it and do EVERYTHING in it…GET GOOD AT IT.  Don’t take bits from different books and try to mash them together.
  • How to run your own life by Jut Meininger

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Episode 14 –
Lee Nightingale & Jesse Fagan

Teacher to tour guide

When I was presented with the chance to chat with an International Bird Watching Tour Guide, naturally, as a CRM consultant, I said YES!

I mean wow... how do our two worlds ever collide? Through the power of relationships.
You might think, what can other businesses learn from such an obscure industry? But there lays the key point. It's an industry... a big one. One that relies heavily exclusively on travel, repeat business (recurring revenue) and diversifying to stay current and attract new clients.

I'm sure you'll love Jesse's approach to life and business. He's a warm, caring, passionate, HIGHLY intelligent human that I felt a connection with. I feel I've made a friend for life.
Did I mention he was a Mathematics University Teacher in a previous life!!!

Jesse’s Books

  • Black Holes and Time Warps: Einstein’s Outrageous Legacy by Kip S. Thorne
  • A brief history of time by Stephen Hawking
  • Light in August by William Faulkner
  • The happiness hypothesis by Jonathan Haidt

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Episode 13 –
Lee Nightingale & Janice B Gordon

Staying focused in lockdown

With all that's going on, staying focused in Sales is a real challenge. It's affected every business globally, whether that be positively or negatively. Some have had significant challenges due to being overloaded with orders/work, but for many, surviving has been difficult.

So how do we as salespeople remain motivated, focused and make the best use of our time?
Janice shares her wisdom with me covering areas such as customer success, strategic selling and how the buyers have become smart to the shortcuts salespeople try to make to get the sale.
We also talk about how it can also be healthy to cull your client bank of customers that demand the earth but pay very little.
Low Revenue / High Need - lowest 10-20% of your client base
Reasonable Revenue / Low Need - Sweet spot
High Revenue / High Need - Top 10-20% of your client base
A key take away for me is about ensuring your end-to-end customer experience is solid and that each business unit contributes and understands their part.

Janice’s Book’s

  • Business Evolution: Creating growth in a rapidly changing world by Janice B Gordon 🙂
  • The Chimp Paradox by Prof Steve Peters
  • Rebel Ideas by Matthew Syed

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Episode 12 –
Lee Nightingale & Mark Gallen

Old dog, New tricks

As founder of MG Sales Performance, Mark shares some great advice on how to differentiate yourself in a sales commoditised environment. Meaning, it's unlikely you are selling something 'New' or 'Unique'... if you are, you're in the hot seat.

Mark walks us through why he believes traditional training models don't work and how MG Sales Performance offers a fresh, modern approach. Most importantly, he explains why training is not a 'once a year' activity!
We discuss the vital new team all companies need 'Customer Success'. A team dedicated to your existing PAYING clients.

Mark’s Books

  • The Chimp Paradox  – The Mind Management by Dr Steve Peters
  • The Challenger Sales by Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson
  • Rehumanise your business by Ethan Beute and Steve Pacinelli
  • The power of video in the sales process.

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Episode 11 –
Lee Nightingale & Hector Forwood

Making the job-to-startup leap

For some, staying in a job just isn't cutting it for them. They have this yearning to break free and go it alone. To take that leap of faith... in themselves, to become an entrepreneur.

There are MANY risks associated with starting a company, so many things to put in place before you can launch the business, where do you start, who do you trust, co-founders to consider and that scariest of situations to deal with... will customers pay for what I've created?
I sit down for a fascinating chat with entrepreneur and co-founder of Hoist, Hector Forwood. He shares his exciting journey with some valuable insights that we can all learn from.
If you're thinking of jacking it all in and doing it for yourself, I highly recommend you watch/listen to this episode.

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Hector’s Books

  • Hooked: How to build Habit Forming Products – As a sales person with a bit of operational experience going into creating software for the first time. This really lays out the foundations and goals you should be aiming towards for whatever product you’re creating. A lot of it uses simple analogies to articulate points which makes it extremely easy to digest.
  • The Lean Startup – I’m pretty sure every founder has read this book and there is a reason for it. When you’re trying to find that justification and product market fit before you’ve committed to writing a single line of code, that’s the real art. The second thing I found incredibly useful which was one phrase and would happily buy the book again just for that chapter is analysis paralysis. When you’re a first time founder and are figuring it all out for the first time. You can sit and think, and think, and think… Speculation kills creativity. Just go out and make mistakes.

Episode 10 –
Lee Nightingale & Ian Moyse

Digital Disruption Has Changed, Have you?

Ian Moyse is more than just a senior leader in the tech world...
He's a Sales Trainer, Coach, Digital Disrupter, Social Media Influencer and LinkedIn Legend.
I sat down for a nice cosy fireside chat with him to hear the story of his business, how it was affected and how they pivoted.

Ian also shares his views on 'selling' and how salespeople should and can be adapting, pivoting and reshaping the way they sell in order to remain... well frankly, employed.
We discuss what to consider now that the people you are looking to reach are no longer at their desk phones and cannot be called using web conference platforms. Which means getting access to mobile numbers basically. So it becomes a data issue.

All that and more.

Ian’s Books

  • Social Selling by Tim Hughes
  • Known by Mark Schaeffer

Lee’s Book

  • On Form by Jim Loehr & Tony Schwartz

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Episode 9 –
Lee Nightingale & Iain Cundy

Mission to secure everything

A subject that really is of interest to me is SECURITY. Internet and device security to be specific.

So when i was given the opportunity to sit and chat with Iain Cundy of Section 20 Solutions, I jumped at the chance.
Iain has a VERY clear passion for ensuring that the world and EVERYTHING is secure, I actually don't think he'll stop until he's achieved that goal!
In this episode, you'll hear some VERY useful security tips, software, hardware strategies that I'm sure you'll all need at some point.
We also talk about the DARK WEB and how to spoof Googles trackers.

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Warning – This episode is a little longer than normal but that’s because there is just so much content that we wanted to discuss. We literally could have chatted for another 5 hours.

Episode 8 –
Lee Nightingale & Bimbola Kila

Breaking the mould

It's all too easy to fall into the pigeon hole of what society says we should be and the career path we should take. Not so for Bimbola Kila of Diamond Shine cleaning in Nigeria.

Faced not only with starting a business in a challenging country, but also being a woman entrepreneur was something that wasn't considered 'normal'. Bimbola faced adversity and went ahead with her goals regardless, creating a successful cleaning company hiring 30+ employees with government contracts.
She also shares how she pivoted the business to offer sanitising services in a Covid world. Oh... and she was running the business remotely (with support from her business partner), whilst studying for TWO... yes 2 degrees here in the UK.
This really is a very inspiring episode.

Bimbola’s Book

  • Give and Take by Adam Grant

Lee’s Book

  • Money Master the Game by Tony Robins

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Episode 7 –
Lee Nightingale & Stuart Hudson

Taking financial control

When it comes to investing our money, no matter how much or how little, the risks are the same, we invest what we can afford. Putting it in the right place can be a daunting thought. I sit down with Stuart Hudson, Chartered Financial Planner, co-founder in AAG Wealth Management, friend and golfing buddy.

DISCLAIMER – This episode is NOT financial advice and as such you should not base your investments on what you hear. It’s two people, two business owners chatting about business and life in general.
Stuarts business had to keep going through lockdown as people were rightly concerned about their investments and needed to know that their money was still being managed and not part-time. They help individuals, families and businesses.
He shares his challenge in managing a 30 person team via conference call, managing the working day along with home-schooling 2 children. And also what does the office environment look like post covid?

Stuart’s Books:

  • Shantaram by Frederic Roberts
    The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni

Lee’s Book:

  • The Future Of Capitalism By Paul Collier

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Episode 6 –
Lee Nightingale & Rinku Banger

Starting a business during lockdown

When Rinku Banger decided to start his new business in February 2020, little did he know what was about to ensue just 4 weeks later.

Taking the plunge and starting your own business is a huge undertaking, risky, scary and takes a huge amount of motivation. To be in the embryonic stages when the country went into lockdown must have really put the pressure on.
In this next episode of Business Source, Rinku shares his inspirational story, how he had to adapt, quickly, and talks about the challenges of hiring for his new business during lockdown.
We share some common tips on how to keep yourself motivated whilst working from home, taking away the distractions and how to stay sharp.

As usual, we both share some interesting books that have helped us along the way.
Rinku’s Book

  • The Leaders Guide to Negotiation by Simon Horton

Lee’s Book

  • Feel the fear and do it anyway by Susan Jeffers

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Episode 5 –
Lee Nightingale & Aaron Browning

Business Challenges

A topic I am all too familiar with, SaaS. I've been involved in the SaaS industry since 2006 having worked for a global Internet, Email and Data Security vendor. I wanted to chat with someone in the same space to understand how their business has been impacted over the past 6 months.

I'm thankful to Aaron Browning of FrontSpin, a BDR Outreach Platform, for joining me in this episode. For some, this past 6 months hasn't affected their businesses too badly, and FrontSpin, I'm pleased to say, is one of them. Aaron shares the growing pain they encountered as well as how they had to change their approach to sales.

As usual, we both share some interesting books to read.

Aaron’s Books:

  • TBA

Lee’s Book:

  • Predictable Revenue by Aaron Ross & Marylou Tyler

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Episode 4 –
Lee Nightingale & Niraj Kapur

Everybody Works In Sales

In our next episode of Business Source, I'm delighted to be joined by double award winning Amazon Best Selling Author, Expert Sales Trainer and Keynote Speaker, Niraj Kapur.

As someone who's business is 95% face-to-face, Niraj shares the impact to his business and how even he as a coach, needs coaching in order to stay ahead of the game.
We talk omni-Channel, personal development, mindset... and... we both share about detoxing your life, a fascinating concept!
Pick up some fantastic tips that we can all use in our daily lives to keep motivated, on track and sharp, with some fabulous book recommendations from both Niraj and myself (book listing below).

  • Million Pound LinkedIn Message by Daniel Disney
  • Converted by Matt Sykes
  • Mind for Sales by Mark Hunter
  • Selling Boldly by Alex Goldfayn
  • Detox Your Life by Jane Scrivner
  • What You See Is What You Get by Alan Sugar

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Episode 3 –
Lee Nightingale & John Hayes


In Episode 3, I chat with John Hayes, a close friend and supplier to Connecting Business, about digital marketing solutions, innovative ideas to remain fresh and above all, communicating with your clients.

All too often I've seen businesses that are only interested in talking to new prospects and they lose sight of the people / businesses that are already spending money with them.

I also share the things we've tried and the different methods, from email, to video to LinkedIn campaigns.

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Episode 2 –
Lee Nightingale & Loren Jenkins


In the second of the series, I chat with Loren Jenkins, Business/Performance Coach and Yoga Instructor about the importance of looking after yourself both physically and mentally.

These past 6 months have surely taken its toll on us as humans, as husbands, wife's, partners, but also as employees, leaders and owners.

I share some insights into how I choose to keep healthy with physical exercise and books and Loren shares some valuable insights around yoga and breathing that could really make all the difference to your state of mind.

Above is a video version, below is the Podcast:

Episode 1 –
Lee Nightingale & Gavin Ingham

How to cope with the new ‘normal’

To set the scene:
I’ve known Gavin Ingham since 2004 when he became a sales coach to the team I worked within at Websense (now ForcePoint).  Many of his teachings and guidance really did stick with me throughout my sales career and into running my own business.

I sat down with him to hear how he’s coping with the new normal, how it has impacted his business and learn how to take responsibility in order to effect your own outcome.

Conviction, Clarity & Consistency are the three pillars to listen out for.

Similarly, I share how the things Gavin talks about relate to what I’m seeing with our clients and prospects, sharing what I hope are some valuable tips for getting yourself, your teams, your company, back on track for the best chance of success.

Strategy, People & Technology.

Without any of the three individually, it’s unlikely that you would succeed.

  • Having a strategy underpinned by technology, but with people that don’t understand the strategy or how to use the technology, is likely to result in failure.
  • Having a strategy and the people but with no technology or misalignment, means it’s unlikely you can scale.
  • Not having a strategy, well, failure is inevitable.

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